Any treatment is specific & unique to every single patient. A disease may be due to single factor or multiple factors. Any disease may have an associated problem within the muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, and the spine.The complete cure of a disease, ideally should include the treatment of associated problems.The brain and spine secrets protocol have helped a lot of patients, to overcome their disabilities, to avoid surgeries, and to lead a better life than before.
Here are some examples:

Muscle dysfunction

- Chronic stress in the neck and shoulder muscles, leads to muscle contracture/shortening, resulting in the formation of cervical spondylitis, periarthritis of shoulder, and so on
- Chronic stress in the hip and leg muscles, leads to muscle contracture/shortening, resulting in osteoarthritis of the knee.
- Vertigo / dizziness are most often due to neck muscle problems.
- Acute/chronic, muscle/Para spinal spasm may be the cause for disc prolapse/slip, and low back pain.
- Breathlessness/breathing difficulty may be due to the problem in chest and neck muscles.
- Abdominal pain and vomiting may be the result of abdominal wall muscles dysfunction.

Joint dysfunction

- An immobile joint in the lumbar spine may cause muscle dysfunction and low back pain.
- Misalignment of joint may also cause muscle dysfunction, bone and joint pain.

Nerve dysfunction

- Nerve entrapment syndromes
- Nerve impingement syndromes

Ligament dysfunction

- Stiff ligaments may cause joint movement’s restriction and results in painful joint.

Almost all types of headaches are due to dysfunction of head and neck musculature, and dysfunctional cervical spine, which can be cured by treating them accordingly.

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