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The secret is, for majority of the brain, spine, and joint problems, permanent cure is possible with the help of specially advanced exercise programs, which includes brain and mind exercises.

Advanced exercise programs includes

- correcting the posture

- Integrating ergonomics in work

- Unique stretching, strengthening, and balancing exercises

- Learning soft tissue / joint technical skills for self-treatment.

Correcting posture

- Aims at balancing centre of gravity of a particular part of the body or body as a whole.

- Failing to balance will result in straining a particular part of musculoskeletal system.

- As a sequelae, there will be damage to that particular bone, joint, ligament, disc, or muscle.

- Learn how to walk, stand, and balance the body as a whole.

Integrating ergonomics

- Working environment are most common cause for musculoskeletal dysfunction

- Ergonomical positions are designed uniquely for everyone according to their life style to overcome dysfunction.

- Learn, how to convert your surroundings into ergonomically designed place which suits for your profession.

Unique exercises

- Shortening & weakening / lengthening of different group of muscles constitute any particular musculoskeletal dysfunction

- Learn stretching exercises for shortened muscles, and strengthening exercises for weakened muscles, to overcome dysfunction

- Learn balancing exercises to prevent & overcome musculoskeletal injuries.

- Learn fascial stretches to activate the neural network communication between all parts of the body as a whole.

Bone joint exercises

- Bone joint dysfunction is the major cause of disability

- Learn bone joint exercises to obtain and maintain the mobility of the joint.

Soft tissue techniques

- For every particular disease, there is a special technical aspect which has to be dealt with.

- Learn self-treating special soft tissue techniques to get relieved from a particular brain, spine, or joint problems.

Brain & mind exercises

- The mental stress of our day to day activities are less considered to be a part of all diseases.

- Unfortunately it plays a major role in all diseases either directly or indirectly.

- Learn simple methods of brain and mind exercises to easily overcome all stressful situations.



MRCS(UK), DNB(Surgery), FMAS, CNMT(USA), MCh(Neuro)

(Consultant Neurosurgeon)., Fellow in Neuroendoscopy


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