Participate in regular, moderate physical activity

The secret to longevity depends a great deal on what we eat. To maintain good health and live as long as possible, you should

Secret 1:

Muscles are the active components of the musculoskeletal system, and its circulatory state has influence over bones and joints.Spasm in muscle may contribute to tension within it and formation of taut bands, and referred tension to periosteal region or connective tissues, that can cause enthesopathy or enthesitis.

The repeated muscular stress may provoke inflammation, with a strong tendency towards subsequent fibrosis, and calcific deposition with in it. The most important change is periosteal elevation in bony regions resulting in osteophytic changes, spur formation, arthritic changes, bony destruction, and damage.

The secret is, the so called bony changes, destruction and damage which are seen in x-rays can be reversed or stopped if timely intervention has been made with specially advanced exercise programs

Secret 2

Fascial is considered to be a structure with little functions. But surprisingly it is the one which connects all our body systems into a network from head to toe, and function as a single unit. Fascial stretching exercises are helpful to establish connection between various group of muscles, nervous system and skeletal system and other system respectively.

Secret 3

It has been demonstrated that emotional stresses of your mind will directly influence your muscles.Subsequently postural muscles (mobilizers) are prone for shortening, and phasic muscles (stabilizers) are prone for lengthening. The neutral balance of the skeletal system is lost, causing musculoskeletal dysfunction.the secret is, mind exercises will help you to overcome emotional stresses.

Secret 4

The impulses send from bone, ligament, joint, nerve, and muscles have tendency to modify, and modulate the genetic predisposition of all disease.