Maria Arockiaraj, Senior System Engineer.

Thank you so much for helping me see that I do not have to live with post-treatment pain after all.and now I have remained relatively pain-free.

I was so tired that some days I could not even get out of bed and could hardly stand. Pain was exhausting. During my first appointment, Dr. Raghu treated me with a simple technique using an elastic ball over the bulged areas in the muscle to get those knots of tension out and  I learned about his miracle fingers. The treatment is very effective and has eased the pain which I had pain since 2011.

Dr.Raghu demonstrated how the entangled nerves can be released by simple technique. What a change in such a short time! Life is so much better. He is truly a great doctor.

Dr.Raghu is a breath of fresh air and a skilled and caring neurosurgeon.

Thank you, Dr.Raghu  from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done!!

Manjula Sajikumar,Rajapalayam.

Firstly, I must thank Dr. Jaikumar, who introduced Dr. Raghu to me. Dr. Raghu's approach is similar to Dr. B. M. Hedge. His approach towards medical science, medicines and disease is extremely amazing and he aims to curtail the root cause of the disease. I suffered from severe back pain and shoulder pain. I was totally jamed without any body movements, by the time met him first.

Due to his musculoneuro therapy, exercises and medicines, I overcame from my severe pain. At present I can cook, walk, sit and bend. He encourages the self treatment and educates me about the problem.

Finally, I had breathing trouble last month and don't even know why the problem is. Then he explained and treated me. From that moment, I got relieved from breathing trouble gradually. Sometimes I wondered that any miracle has happened.

Thank you Dr. Raghu for serving me with this wonderful treatment. Really your Whatsapp status "ALMIGHTY PROTECTS YOU" Inspires me a lot. The man who has no ego in his skill can accept this. We all love you sir, keep on moving.............


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